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Events in Jerusalem

Hebrew Jazz: Concertina and Guitar

Hebrew Jazz: Concertina and Guitar at 23.04.2014

Beit Avi Chai EVENTS - 31


Wednesday apr 23rd

Hebrew Jazz: Leading Jazz Ensembles Connecting with Israeli Music

A fresh interpretation of the greatest Israeli songs. In every performance original arrangements of familiar and loved Hebrew songs will be performed, together with music written by the musicians

Concertina and Guitar: The Anat Porat Quartet with the Joint Songs of Alterman and Argov

Wednesday, Apr 23 9:00 PM

Alterman’s words brought forth some of Sasha Argov's best melodies. In celebration of 100 years of Argov’s birth.


The ensemble, led by the pianist and musician Anat Porat, who represents unprecedented Israeli success in jazz worldwide, will offer the best of the joint songs of these two cultural giants with new and intriguing arrangements. 


Some the works that will be performed: Lullaby, songs from the musical “King Solomon and Shlomi the Cobbler”, Concertina and Guitar, Beware



Anat Porat - piano and arrangements

Amos Hoffman - guitar and oud

Yorai Oron - double bass

Shai Zelman - drums

Guest singer: Dafna Armoni

Price for one performance: NIS 50, students NIS 20. Price for both performances: NIS 80

The event will be broadcast live on the BEIT AVI CHAI website.

Photo of Anat Porat by Avi Levine 


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