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Jalal A-din Rumi and Friends: Sufi-Themed Drawings at 27.03.2014

כללי - 25


Thursday mar 27th

Jalal A-din Rumi and Friends: Sufi-Themed Drawings

Thursday March 27 at 19:00

Guided Tour at 18:15

Lecture at 19:00

30 NIS

Since the 13th century the Sufi orders have had a large influence on rulers and royal courts in the Islamic lands. This influence is apparent in the appearance of Sufi themes or mystical interpretations of hand drawn illustrations. The lecture will focus on drawings depicting the biography of the mystical poet Jalal A-din Rumi, the story of Joseph and Zuliha by the poet Jami, and some visual representations of  imagery in the Sufi tradition.


With: Professor Rachel Milstein

Open Hours

Adults - 40 NIS | Students, police, soldiers - 30 NIS |  Children, teens, seniors - 20 NIS

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