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Ammunition Hill

In the Paradise of Childhood at 31.03.2014

כללי - 22
Until 01.04.2014

In the Paradise of Childhood


Ammunition Hill, HIT (Holon Institute of Technology) and the Association of Illustrators invite you to the exhibit “In the Paradise of Childhood” at Ammunition Hill.


Most of us can recall a certain song from childhood which when heard, remembered or sung brings back foggy memories and longings. HIT Librarian Director Michael Hayil took hers and used it as the inspiration for this exhibit, which will be displayed at Ammunition Hill from March 3-April 1, 2014.


The illustrators who took part in the exhibit returned to the soundtracks of their childhood, to the songs that they regularly heard at home, that they sang with their parents, in pre-school, and school, to their first favorite album, to their father’s favorite song, to the songs that until today, if they hear them, bring back memories, scents, longings. The songs cover a wide range of periods, languages, styles and artists, from Miriam Yellin Shteklis and Lea Goldberg to John Lennon and Elton John. Some are kids songs and some are not. 


This is not an exhibit to be quickly scanned: to fully appreciate and experience it one must stop, breathe deeply, read the lyrics of the song, listen to the music, read the story behind the illustration which explains why the artist chose the song s/he did. Then look back at the illustration and you’ll find that the song takes on new faces and meanings.

Open Hours

Adults - 15 NIS

Youth, Student, Seniors and New Immigrants - 10 NIS 


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