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Jerusalem Light Festival at 11.06.2014

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Jerusalem Light Festival 2015


More information about Jerusalem Light Festival 2015 will be added as it becomes available.



Jerusalem Light Festival 2014


The 6th annual Jerusalem Light Festival will take place between June 11-19, 2014 in the Old City. The festival is an exciting, extraordinary celebration of light. 


June 11-19, 2014 from 20:00-23:00 (except Friday) Saturday night until 24:00




The festival is an initiative of the Jerusalem Development Authority in cooperation with the Ministry for Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs, the Ministry of Tourism, and the Jerusalem Municipality, and it is produced by Ariel Municipal Company. This year the festival is putting an emphasis on interactive displays which actively engage visitors, making for a unique experience of the senses. 


Dozens of light artists from Israel and around the world will present huge light displays:


For the first time the festival will be collaborating with the school for visual design at Betzalel. Students from the faculty will present light fixtures and their personal interpretations of them.



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