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Beit Avi Chai venue

Beit Avi Chai

January-February 2014 Live Webcasts at Beit Avi Chai at 26.02.2014

Beit Avi Chai EVENTS - 1

Until 26.02.2014

BEIT AVI CHAI Live in your Living Room!

BEIT AVI CHAI invites you to be part of our events straight from your home!


Every month, you can enjoy many of our programs via a high-quality live webcast. More information is available on:


January - February Screenings


A New Month: the month of Shevat - the date palm

2.1, Thursday, 8:00 PM


A New Song: First meeting - my faith plays in the night

7.1, Tuesday, 8:30 PM


Sands: Mark Eliyahu’s ensemble in a Jerusalem promotional performance

9.1, Thursday, 8:30 PM


Five on the Richter Scale: The Israeli Metal Quintet hosts Yoni Rechter

15.1, Wednesday, 8:30 PM


Jazz in Hebrew:  Poppies - the songs of Moshe Vilensky

20.1, Tuesday, 9:00 PM


Piano and Tin Drum - From the North to Yemen

23.1, Thursday, 8:30 PM


A New Month: The month of Adar A - the Moon

30.1, Thursday, 8:00 PM


A New Song: Second session - The City that Never Sleeps

4.2, Tuesday, 8:30 PM


Jazz in Hebrew: Delicate hand - the songs of Ofra Haza

12.2, Wednesday, 9:00 PM


A New Song: Third session - What can we do with this justice

25.2, Tuesday, 8:30 PM


Jazz in Hebrew: There were Nights - the songs of Esther Ofarim

26.2, Wednesday, 9:00 PM



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