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Almond Blossoms and Sky Snippets: A New Exhibit at Beit Shmuel

at 09.03.2013

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Saturday mar 9th

Beit Shmuel presents "Almond Blossoms and Snippets of Sky": a new exhibit showcasing the works of Shlomo Yehudian.

On display from March 9-April 16, 2013 in the Hirsch Theatre Lobby

Curator: Devorah Goldberger

In the exhibit the artist displays works in aquarelle and colorful ink, in which he eternalizes spring scenes in a style so realistic it comes close to looking like photography. The paintings depict spring scenes such as blooming trees and fields, herds of sheep, Bedouin farmers and nature-loving hikers. Yehudian began working on them outdoors and finished them in his studio using photographs and representative objects from outside.

Shlomo Yehudian lives in Jerusalem. He was born in Iran and immigrated to Israel at the age of 13 with a youth group. Already then he realized his artistic potential and desires and due to the paucity of available materials, he learned to create and paint on whatever was available, including newspaper and empty cloth sacks. In his youth he attended workshops of top artists of the time including Yosef Schwartzman and Natan Rappaport.


Eliyahu Shama St. 6


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