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A Heavenly Wedding in the Bobov Hassidic Court

at 12.08.2013

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Monday aug 12th

Beit Avi Chai presents "A Heavenly Wedding in the Bobov Hassidic Court"

Monday, August 12, 8:30 PM

The Bobov Hassidim are famous for their melodies, many of which have become pillars of the world of Hassidic music.

In this concert, Halev Ve-hama'ayan will host, for the first time ever, the famous Lishmoa el Harina cantorial choir-a combination that produces a new and fascinating musical color.

Halev Ve-hama'ayan ensemble
Lishmoa el Harina cantorial choir, conducted by Meir Briskman

Halev Ve-hama'ayan
Naor Carmi-musical production and contrabass
Chilik Frank-clarinet and vocals
Oren Tsur-violin and mandolin
Ariel Elayev-accordion and percussion
Yoni Sharon-percussion

Admission: NIS 60, students: NIS 30
The events will take place in the Beit AVI CHAI courtyard. Warm attire recommended


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