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Under this Blazing Light / Idit Levavi-Gabbai: A New Exhibition at Beit Avi Chai

at 08.11.2012

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Thursday nov 8th

Beit Avi Chai presents "Under this Blazing Light": a new exhibition by Idit Levavi-Gabbai 

Opens Thursday, November 8

Artist Idit Levavi Gabbai's new exhibition examines the point of origin, or alternatively, the breaking point of the beginnings of Zionism in this country.

Looking back over the years, the exhibition revives the fundamental issues that faced the pioneers in the Jezreel Valley, where they aspired to establish a new society and culture in Eretz Israel. The paintings illustrate the bonds and the fissures, overt and covert, between the courtyard of the socialist kibbutz and the Jewish courtyard.

The 30 paintings and objects in the exhibition are based on Levavi Gabbai's life story and childhood in Kibbutz Merchavia in the Jezreel Valley.
Levavi Gabbai studied art at Oranim College, where she currently serves as a senior lecturer. She has exhibited all over the country.

Among the speakers at the Opening:
Dani Danieli, director, BEIT AVI CHAI
Hagai Segev, curator of the exhibition
Lecture: poet Prof. Moshe Yitzhaki, head of the masters program in multidisciplinary teaching, Oranim College, On Sanctifying the Profane and Profaning the Sac

The exhibition catalogue contains photos of the works and an interpretive article by curator, Hagai Segev.

Admission is free.

Under this Blazing Light / Idit Levavi-Gabbai - Gallery Talk

Friday, November 30, 11 AM

Hagai Segev, the curator of the exhibition, and artist Idit Levavi Gabbai meet for a tour of the exhibition and discuss the relations between the kibbutz heritage and Jewish culture.

Admission is free.

This is a Hebrew-language only event.


King George St. 44


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