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Nighttime Segway Tour with the City of David

at 07.08.2013

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Wednesday aug 7th

As night falls, illuminated skylines and shadows envelop Jerusalem, an atmosphere of calm and enchantment spreads over the whole city, as the lights of the expansive city sparkle in a range of colors and whisper the stories of the ancient city.

Just south of the Old City, in the heart of the Peace Forest, adjacent to Abu Tor, a fleet of Segways await that are especially equipped with powerful headlights for nighttime rides.

The City of David invites you to a breathtaking, exciting nighttime experience atop a Segway, the vehicle of the future, now equipped with powerful, innovative headlights which allow for nighttime riding. Don't miss this unique opportunity to experience a night of Jerusalem adventure, lights, stories, and views.

The route: The tour starts out at the meeting point in the Peace Forest, on through the Haas Promenade and onto the eastern Goldman Promenade. The tour will then continue to the Sherover Promenade. The tour includes stops at strategic viewpoints and explanations on relevant history and landscapes, as well as technical guidance on how to correctly ride the Segway.

Important information
*At the starting point there is an organized area for receptions, and an option of cake and coffee (added fee. There are also bathrooms for the use of riders.
*The duration of the tour is about two hours, and is appropriate for ages 16 and up.
*Price per person per tour is 180 NIS.

For more information and direct orders call Netanel: 054-331-6613

Click below to order discounted tickets online:

Open Hours

Sunday to Thursday 8:00 to 19:00; Fridays and Holiday eves 8:00 to 15:00


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