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Events in Jerusalem

Etti Ankri: The Connecting Thread (Saturday Nights)

at 08.01.2011

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Saturday jan 8th

Beit Avi Chai presents "Saturday Night - Coming Home:" A line-up of original Israeli music.

Artistic director: Nina Banaim

Production: Yan Productions

Admission: NIS 50; students: NIS 30, First drink on the house

Seating will be available for all concerts.

The top Israeli musicians hark back to their sources of inspiration-the stories, songs, and music of their childhood homes that influenced their work throughout their lives.

Saturdays at 22:00

Etti Ankri: The Connecting Thread

Saturday, January 8, 10 PM

Etti Ankri searches for and performs songs she wrote at various points in her life, and follows a thread connecting songs from all her albums, linking past and present.
Accompanied by an intimate acoustic ensemble: Itamar Gross, piano / Erez Munk, percussion / Ariel Alayev, accordion


Beit Avi Chai King George St. 44

Near Etti Ankri: The Connecting Thread (Saturday Nights)

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