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Tzlilei Ha-Oud (Saturday Nights)

at 06.02.2010

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Saturday feb 6th

Beit Avi Chai's Saturday night music line, directed by Shaanan Street, presents:

Line-up for Shevat: All in the Family
A line-up of musical families in honor of Family Day, the 30th of Shevat

Tzlilei Ha-Oud

Since 1974 Tzlilei Ha-Oud has been responsible for many hits, including "Hannale Hitbalbela," "Suru Meni," and "Ani Hu Gedalya." The combination of authentic instruments like the qanun and oud with Western instruments has become the band's trademark.
In 2009 the band made a comeback, adding to its ranks Pe'er Danoch, the daughter of lead singer Rami Danoch.
Rami Danoch, vocals / Pe'er Danoch, vocals / Yehuda Kaysar, electric guitar / Avi Shem-Tov, bass guitar
Roni Dalal, oud / Roni Barak, keyboard / Moshe Mousari, percussion

* Standing room only


Beit Avi Chai King George St. 44

Near Tzlilei Ha-Oud (Saturday Nights)

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