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Events in Jerusalem

Sukkot 2011: The Jerusalem March

Sukkot 2011: The Jerusalem March at 18.10.2011

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Tuesday oct 18th

Tens of thousands of visitors are expected to celebrate Sukkot in Jerusalem, and the municipality is ready with a great lineup of special events in store. More information is available at the municipality hotline: 106 (those calling from outside Jerusalem should dial 02-531-4600), or at the municipality's website:

Jerusalem March:

On Tuesday October 18 the annual Jerusalem March will take place. A record breaking number of over 10,000 foreigners from five continents and 40 states are expected to participate, in addition to thousands of Israelis, including representative groups from the public and commercial sectors as well as the IDF.

The march will include three morning walks, an extravaganza in Gan Sacher, and a central festive parade along the streets in the city center. The day will start off with an extravaganza at Gan Sacher from 10:00-15:00, featuring performances, artists, children's activities, and more. Gan Sacher will also serve as a destination and rest and picnic area for marchers. The central parade will take place at 15:00, beginning on King George (corner of Shmuel Hanagid) and continuing on Agron and King David streets, and will end at the Old Train Station parking lot. The central stage will be on King David street. Avihu Medina and Shimi Tabori will give the main performance.

Morning walks:

1. 15 km, starts at 7:00-9:00: Gan Hakipod (Ramot) - Ramot forest - Emek Ha'arazim - Motza - Ein Karem - Har Herzl -
Beit Hakerem - Gan Sacher

2. 8 km, starts at 7:30-9:30: Mount Scopus - Emek Zurim - Nachal Kidron - Gan Shmanim - Yad Avshalom - Dung Gate - Mount Zion - Gai Ben Hinom - Yemin Moshe - Talbieh - Rehavia - Gan Sacher

3. 5 km, starts at 8:00-10:00: Safra Square - Jaffa Gate - Armenian Patriarch - Zion Gate - Gai Ben Hinom - Yemin Moshe - Talbieh - Rehavia - Gan Sacher


The Jerusalem Tourism Map:

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