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Cinema Orient

Cinema Orient at 06.12.2011

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Tuesday dec 6th

Beit Avi Chai presents "Cinema Orient": Jews in Middle Eastern Cinema.

In an original five-session series, we find out about the points of connection and disconnection between the Jews and their surroundings in the Middle East and examine the metamorphosis of characters and stereotypes over the years.
Organized by Orly R. Rahimiyan, specialist in Iran and Iranian Jewry, Ben-Gurion University

Tuesday, November 8, 2011: Session 1: Cohen doesn't live here anymore-the Jewish stereotype in Egyptian cinema
About the Jewish stereotype versus the Israeli one in Egyptian cinema-a comprehensive survey from the 1940s through the present.

Lecturer: Eyal Sagui Bizawe, specialist in Egyptian culture and cinema and instructor in Egyptian cinema at Sapir College.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011: Session 2: History and Memory

About the unique and complex fabric of the Jews' and Muslims' lives in Tunisia
Lecturer: Dr. Haim Saadon, historian, Open University and Ben Zvi Institute.

Tuesday,  November 22, 2011: Session 3: The Iranian Shylock-the Jewish Stereotype in Iranian Cinema
About the difference in the approach to Jews and Israelis in Iran over the years and its reflection in the Iranian cinema
Lecturer: Orly R. Rahimiyan, specialist in Iranian history and Iranian Jewry, Ben-Gurion University

Tuesday, November 29, 2011: Session 4: The Other is Me-Morocco's Treatment of its Jewish Past through Cinema
About memories of the coexistence in Morocco that was destroyed almost overnight, as captured for posterity by films during the past decade.
Lecturer: Dr. Yigal Bin-Nun, specialist in the history of independent Morocco's history and Bible studies, École Pratique des Hautes Études, Université de Paris 8.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011: Session 5: Wrap-up Lecture-the Jewish Image in the Middle Eastern Cinema from a Western Perspective

About the similarities and differences in the Jewish stereotypes of the societies covered in the series.
Are the Middle Eastern stereotypes indicative of Middle Eastern cultures and their attitudes towards Jews, or do they merely reflect and copy popular existing stereotypes?
Lecturer: Eyal Boers, lecturer in cinema studies and head of the cinema and television track at the Ariel University Center, director and producer of documentary and feature films

Admission: NIS 30; students: NIS 20; NIS 100 for the series.


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