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Old City Music Festival at 30.01.2015

Until 01.05.2015

Old City Music Festival in March 2015

Dates and information for the Old City Music Festival in March 2015 will be pulished as the information becomes available


Old City Music Festival 2014:

The annual Old City Music Festival will take place in various locations in the Old City from March 31-April 3 between 18:00-23:00.

This international music festival takes its creative inspiration from the four quarters of the old city, which houses four religions and four musical styles that unite in one city.

The festival gives participants the opportunity to reveal the rich and unique musical world of Jerusalem. Music and notes will adorn the Old City's ancient stone paths and alleyways which will erupt with music in all four quarters.

The festival will feature open air performances by unique vocal ensembles, professional musicians performing on the Old City Walls, participatory drum circles, musical parades, and more.

A host of musicians from different traditions representing musical styles from all quarters of the Old City and Jerusalem as a whole will take part in the festival. The festival will be spread out over a circular route which will begin at Jaffa Gate, run through the Armenian Quarter, the Jewish Quarter, and the Muslim Quarter, will end off in the Christian Quarter, and then circle back around to Jaffa Gate.

The Old City Music Festival joins other flagship Old City events such as the Light Festival and the Knights Festival as a central cultural and tourist event, offering visitors a unique insight into Jerusalem's heterogeneous cultural makeup.

Entrance to all events is free.



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