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Train World at First Station

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Train World at First Station at 01.07.2013

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Monday jul 1st

Train World at First Station

First Station at the Old Train Station Plaza presents Train World 2013: a new exhibit which invites visitors to explore the world of trains, beginning from the oldest train models dating back to before the first World War, to the most sophisticated trains of today.

The exhibit will allow visitors to see the train replicas up close, including replicas of rare and unique trains, which are on lend from collectors and were flown to Israel from around the world. Around 40 miniature trains from all ages and of all types will be displayed on over one kilometer of train tracks.

The exhibit is appropriate for the whole family and offers an exciting, fascinating and educational experience, including films filmed from the trains in the exhibit which will be screened on huge plasma screens, an arts and crafts space, train replica building, and more.

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