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Threads at the Tower of David Museum

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Threads at the Tower of David Museum at 24.05.2013

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Friday may 24th

We have met these women before, on street signs, archeological artifacts, in manuscripts, in paintings and photographs from yellowing newspapers ... the Queen of Sheba, Empress Helena, Shlomzion Alexsandra, Hemda Ben Yehuda and more. Many women have worked hard in the city of Jerusalem and contributed their time and efforts to changing the face of the city. Ten leading Israeli fashion designers were paired with these women from the past and invited to create a contemporary outfit inspired by their character and the legacy that they left.

The Tower of David Museum invites you to a one-time experience in contemporary fashion that embroiders history. The stunning clothes will be on display at the Tower of David Museum together with a photographic exhibition of the clothes being modeled in different parts of the Old City by "models'" such as actress Keren Mor, writer Zeruya Shalev, choreographer Renana Raz, actress Dana Ivgy, singer Ester Rada. Aluma, Raziella, Tamar Primak, Rachel Cohen and Karen Oberson are amongst the fashion designer chosen to participate in "Threads".

Both the designers and models have contributed their creativity, design and time to this exhibition.

Dina Glass designing for the Queen of Sheba.

Raziella designing for Shlmozion HaMalcha.

Tamar Primak designing for Queen Helena of Adiabene (Heleni HaMalka).

Lihi Hod designing for the Empress Helena.

Aluma designing for Melisende the Queen of Jerusalem.

Liora Taragon designing for Roxelana (Huram) the wife of Suleiman the Magnificent.

Rachel Cohen designing for Hemda Ben Yehuda.

Karen Oberson designing for Rachel Yanit Ben Zvi.

Alembika designing for Else Lasker-Sch


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