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When Loof Met Cottage Cheese

When Loof Met Cottage Cheese at 28.02.2013

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Thursday feb 28th

When Loof Met Cottage Cheese at Binyanei Ha'Uma

February 28-June 28, 2013

Binyanei Ha'Uma presents "When Loof Met Cottage Cheese": classic Israeli design work including advertising, posters, logos and more by the Shamir brothers, Gabriel and Maxim. Many of their creations have become such inalienable assets in Israel's history and now seem like they have existed for eternity, such as the state emblem, money bills, medals, stamps, posters on national subjects, and brand and product graphics and logos. The current exhibit focuses on design work that the brothers did for popular food items such as the infamous Israeli army go-to food, "loof," Tnuva cottage cheese, Asis jams and spreads, and Tsede chocolates.

Curator: Monika Lavie

Opening hours: Sunday - Thursday, 10:00-18:00 | Friday: 9:00-14:00

Free entrance, advance reservations required: 02-655-8502/522/517


Zalman Shazar St. 1


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