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Tipsy Sundays at Hatza'atzua

Tipsy Sundays at Hatza'atzua at 13.03.2011

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Sunday mar 13th

Hatza'atzua presents "Tipsy Sundays": an alcoholic revolution. Every Sunday from 21:30 and onwards, enjoy all the beer you can drink for one low price, as well as great deals on other drinks and chasers.

Unlimited Goldstar: 40 NIS
Unlimited Heinekin: 50 NIS
Unlimited wine/cava: 50 NIS

Trio specials:
Johnny Red Label chaser trio: 30 NIS
Johnny Black Label chaser trio: 45 NIS
Catal Tan chaser trio: 30 NIS
Jim Beam chaser trio: 30 NIS
Fidge chaser trio: 30 NIS
Bushmills chaser trio: 25 NIS
Jager chaser trio: 30 NIS
Kavarvo chaser trio: 30 NIS
Red bull vodka chaser trio: 90 NIS

*specials valid on bar level only




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