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Events in Jerusalem


Jerusalem at 24.08.2010

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Tuesday aug 24th

The Jerusalem Municipality presents an End of Summer Events Bash for Youth from August 24-28, 2010. Entrance to all events is free! Events include live shows (Exhume, Dudu Aharon, Skazi Live hosts Dr. Kasper's Rabbit Show), extreme sports competitions, band competitions, stand up marathon, movie marathon, alcohol free parties, discounts for youth at venues around the city and more...

Schedule of events:

August 24: Band Comeptition at 22:00 in "Habrar" Wizo Center.
First, second, and third place winners will receive the chance to record a single and have it played on the radio on August 28 at the finale event of the youth events bash at Gan Sachar.

August 25: Youtube short film marathon on the subject of road safety, at the Kagan Communications Institute at 20:00.
The winning film will be integrated into the Municipality's Road Safety campaign and will be screened at the August 28 Gan Sachar event.

August 27: Extreme competition, starting at 9:00
with a navigation competition at Safra Square, and ending in Gan Sachar where more group competitions will be held. Competitions at Gan Sachar include rock climbing, rappelling from 60 meters, ouzo balls, omega, and more. From twenty groups, four will go on to the finals and compete for first place at the August 28 Gan Sachar event.

August 28: Finale at Gan Sachar and Binyanei Hauma.

Live shows: Exhume, Dudu Aharon, Skazi Live hosts Dr. Kasper's Rabbit Show, moderated by Sunny Binyamini.
Doors open at 20:00.

Extreme sports finals:
The four groups that made it to the finals will complete for first place and the winner will be announced. 21:00.

Extreme Sports Stadium:
rock climbing, rappelling from 60 meters, ouzo balls, omega, and more at Gan Sachar. The temporary stadium will be open from 20:00-3:00.

Stand up marathon in Binyanei Hauma
(Shwartz Hall): Asaf Yitzhaki, Chen Aharon, and Sagiv Friedman. First round starts at 1:00, second round starts at 3:00.

Movie marathon at Binyanei Hauma:
The movies "Air Bender" and Street Dance" will be screened in the Globus Group's three cinema theatres at 1:00.

Party Time:
Alcohol free parties for teens, starting at 3:00 in the morning.
*Karaoke party at Cnaan (Shamai 15)
*Israeli Party at Moadon Hashakuf (King George 41)

for youth at venues throughout the city during the whole night of August 28th: Aroma, Shnitzi, Rega Matok, Hamarosh, Tito Bravo, Shablul, New Deal, Hashemen, Yamis, Baget Marciano, Pizza Pesso, Burgers Bar, Aldo Max Brenner, Coffee Shop.



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