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The Jerusalem Khan, a Jerusalem Stone, Ottoman-era caravansary where pilgrims and traders would stop if they failed to reach the walls of the Old City by nightfall, has taken on a somewhat more glamorous second life in the modern era. Located in the center of one of Jerusalem's flourishing nightlife districts, the Khan houses a restaurant (ZaZa) and the aptly-named Khan Theater - the only repertory theater in Jerusalem. It is one of the most highly regarded theaters in Israel's very active theater scene.


The Khan company produces three to four plays per season, including Israeli and international selections. The plays are usually performed at their home base, but the company occasionally embarks on tours. Plays are usually presented in Hebrew, but English plays are not unheard of. The Khan also hosts theater workshops for both children and adults, as well as lectures, panel discussions and opportunities to meet theater actors and writers. Check online or with the box office for schedules.


  • Air conditioning
  • Paid Parking

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