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Jerusalem's theater scene is thriving, with dozens of plays running the gamut from traditional classics to the furthest-out in fringe showing at any given time. Still, you may ask yourself: Does Jerusalem have a venue that fosters the creative development of puppet actors? Of course it does.


The Train Theater in Gan Hapa'amon (Liberty Bell Park) between Yemin Moshe and the German Colony is a theatrical institution devoted entirely to the under-appreciated craft of the puppeteer, bringing the noble art to children of Jerusalem between the ages of two and 12, and any adults whose sense of whimsy has not withered away with the years. The Train Theater's repertoire spans dozens of puppet plays ranging from those designed to hold the fickle attention of toddlers (lots of bright colors help) to puppet versions of mature plays usually performed with human actors. The cast is not content with merely performing indoors



Photo: Eldad Maestro

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