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It's tough immigrating to Israel, especially if one in inclined to an artistic bent. Israel and Jerusalem may have a rich and fully developed cultural scene, but the smaller population leads to stiff competition in the arts, and cultural barriers make entry even more difficult.


Fortunately for immigrant artists, then, the Misrad Haklita (Ministry of Absorption) and the Jerusalem Absorption Authority have partnered to create the Jerusalem Cultural Center (variously known as the Cultural Center, Center of Cultures and Center for Cultures), a downtown venue and cultural center dedicated to finding immigrant actors, filmmakers, visual artists, dancers, musicians and photographers a place in the Israeli art world, or at least a place to continue practicing their craft and meeting with like-minded people.


The center's program varies based on the people who participate, but events open to the public include literary evenings, art shows, modern dance and ballet performances, film showings, lectures, plays, opera, workshops and more.


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