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Jews and the American Civil Rights Movement and Beyond


Prof. Eli Lederhendler


In this series we analyze how race became American society’s most pressing domestic issue in the postwar decades, how Jews in America were affected by this trend, and whether Jews can be considered an influential party to that national debate. Did the legacy of the civil rights struggle have special meaning for Jews? How can we account for the “disappearing Jew” in the identity politics of the post-sixties years?



The Road to Desegregation: Jews in the South and Beyond


70 years ago, the 1954 landmark decision of the Supreme Court ushered in a decade that culminated in the Civil Rights Acts of 1960 and 1964. How did Jewish Americans respond to the struggle over voting rights and desegregation? What was the debate about prejudice and why were Jewish organizations and leaders involved in it? Why did violent antisemitism erupt across the Deep South?


In English | Sunday | March 31 | 7pm (12 pm EDT)



Jews, Counterculture, and the Black-Jewish Alliance: From the March on Washington to 1968


While the legal battles for equal protection under the law were under way, a new kind of struggle was shaping up in the streets of the nation’s cities, the nation’s capital, and on college campuses. What were the ramifications of Jewish involvement in the movement and how were Jews affected? What were the early achievements and the initial costs of street activism? And did the Black-Jewish Alliance survive the end of the decade?


In English | Sunday | April 7 | 7pm (12 pm EDT)



Black Power and Jewish Identity: New Dilemmas after 1968


Why did “militancy” and “radicalism” take precedence over equality in the new racial and identity politics of the late 60s, and how did this influence Jewish life? What lessons, if any, did Jews in America draw from the Civil Rights struggle? Where do we see continuities in Jewish public and community life between the 60s and the following years, and where can we see changes?


In English | Sunday | April 14 | 7pm (12 pm EDT)



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