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The YMCA, a stately and massive Byzantine-esque building on King David Street (right across from the famous King David Hotel), occupies a prominent place in the history and heart of Jerusalem. Dubbed the "Yimka" in Hebrew (an awkward pronunciation of an awkward transliteration), the YMCA was founded by the British in 1878 and work began on its famed building, designed by the same architect who would later design the Empire State Building in 1925.


The YMCA currently houses a hotel, a restaurant, a gym, a 600-seat auditorium/performance hall, a chapel, a library and a mixed Jewish-Arab preschool. The auditorium plays host to a diverse assembly of performances open to the public, including classical music concerts featuring both local and international musicians, frequent performances by the Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra, dance, film showings, religious services and more.


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