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Sultan's Pool

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The Valley of Hinnom, a deep cleft winding along at the foot of the hill on which the Old City is built, has to contend with a greater burden of association than the average valley. Its role as a garbage dump and a site of ritual sacrifice to pagan gods during the Israelite period led to the naming of Judaism's Purgatory-esque concept of an afterlife Gehinnom (Valley of Hinnom), which was filtered through Arabic to become the Muslim Hell (Jahanna). But the hellish reputation isn't really deserved today – not only is the Valley of Hinnom lovely, it's home to the Sultan's Pool.


An ancient water source modernized by Suleiman the Magnificent, the Ottoman sultan who built the current walls of the Old City, the Sultan's Pool has become one of the most prominent venues in Jerusalem for modern music.


Situated in the open air directly beneath the walls of the Old City, it provides an epic backdrop for the internationally renowned musicians who often play here.


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