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Jerusalem is often called the Holy City, but what exactly emanates holiness is rarely discussed. For in reality, Jerusalem derives its holiness not from the remnants of the Jewish Temple, not from its significance in the ministries of Jesus, and not from the mosques on the Temple Mount, but from one humble food item: hummus. Even if its religious and cultural sites were to disappear tomorrow, Jerusalem would still be a worthy tourist mecca solely on account of its mastery of the chickpea.


Jerusalem hummus restaurants have been elevated to an impressive status, and one of the venerable hummus joints bound to be on any aficionado's short list is Lina, an unassuming shop in the Old City's Christian Quarter. Lina serves only one thing - hummus - in a few simple iterations: plain, with fuul (stewed Egyptian broad beans) or with toasted pine nuts, served along with onion slices and fresh pita. Good luck finding a place to sit at lunchtime, when Christians, Muslims, Jews and others all descend for their fix.

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