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The Tower of David Museum

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The Tower of David Museum is located in the magnificently restored citadel at the Jaffa Gate entrance to the Old City of Jerusalem. With breathtaking 360-degree views of the city from the tops of the towers and turrets, visitors are invited to cross the drawbridge and walk through 3000 years of the city’s past, wandering in and out of the guardrooms, as the history of Jerusalem is told using models, films and dioramas. Using innovative and creative initiatives, the Tower of David Museum has become the platform for contemporary expression in the city as well with different temporary exhibitions, cultural events, concerts, tours and activities. The night experiences are wheelchair accessible and enjoyable for visitors of all backgrounds and languages. There are combined tickets available for daytime visits to the Museum as well as KING DAVID at night.


A blaze of breathtaking images, cinematography, sound and light illuminate the ancient citadel in two night shows! With the sophisticated technology of powerful new laser projectors, The Night Spectacular and the KING DAVID light the citadel with 250,000 lumens and 35 million pixels, in vibrant colors and high definition images under the Jerusalem night sky. The trompe l'oeil effects and multi-sensory experience are made possible by 18 mapped projected images using 18 laser projectors, 20 speakers and 10 km of different types of cable. 




The 3000-year-old story of Jerusalem in light and sound! The NIGHT SPECTACULAR brings the 3000 yr-old story of Jerusalem to life at the Tower of David.   Cultures, religions, rulers and legends are projected on the ancient walls and magically appear among the archaeological remains of Jerusalem’s citadel. The stones of the walls and structures fade into the scenes and the screened images envelop the viewers and whisk them off to a one-of-a-kind multi-sensory experience. 




KING DAVID is the new Tower of David Museum night time experience in which the majestic story of David, from shepherd-to-king, comes to life in a completely new cinematic production projected onto the walls and archeological excavations of the ancient citadel.  The production uses art, film and music to tell the timeless story of David in a multi-disciplinary celebration of color that illuminates the citadel at night.  This story has been the inspiration for artists for centuries. Here you can experience an exciting virtual tour among great works of art by Chagall, Matisse, Michelangelo and others in an artistic tribute to the artists, painters and sculptors who immortalized the image of the celebrated King David.


Combined tickets for Museum daytime visits and The Night Spectacular / KING DAVID experience are available.


All the Night Shows at the Tower of David Museum are wheelchair and handicap accessible.




Within the complex of the Tower of David, lies the Kishle building, where under one long narrow 450 meter arched structure, Jerusalem’s long, colorful and complex history can be explored and examined looking at the very stones that tell the story. From the times of the Kings of Judea and First Temple Period 8th century BCE, through the walls built by the Hasmoneans in 4th CBE, to the remains of King Herod’s Palace 2000 years ago – and more recently color dye vats by from Crusader times and walls from Suleiman the Magnificent  - all this was found under the British mandate prison floor boards when excavations took place in the year 2000.




There are guided tours of the King Herod's Palace and the Kishle Excavations every Friday at 10:00 in English.  Here is the archaeologist, Amit Re'em, Jerusalem's Chief Archaeologist for the Israel Antiquities Authority, talking about the discoveries.



Discover the history of Jerusalem while walking in and out of the guardrooms of the ancient citadel. Guided tours are given in English Monday - Thursday and Sunday at 11:00.  The price is included in the admission fee.  It is also possible to rent an audio guide or download the guide ahead of time to your Smartphone from the website





SEPTEMBER – JUNE: Sun - Thurs, Sat 9:00 – 16:00, Fri 9:00 – 14:00


JULY AND AUGUST: Sun - Thurs, Sat 9:00 – 17:00, Fri 9:00 – 14:00



  • Paid Parking
  • Open on Saturday
  • Kids friendly

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