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Street Market at the Machane Yehuda Market: a section full of Asian food stands at Jerusalem’s market, offering stir-fried dishes, dim-sum, sushi, yakitori, bao, banana loti and many other cool Asian treats.


It appears that with all the huge variety of colors and flavors the Machane Yehuda Market has to offer, it will be hard to bring in something new, but here is a place that takes it to the next level and brings a new message to the market with flavors from the Far East.


Street Market is a bubbly site (deriving from Sushi Rehavia), combining the atmosphere of Jerusalem’s market with Sushi and Asian street food.  What’s on the menu?  Sabich, Falafel and Chraime rolls, a variety of Asian bao sandwiches and also dim sum, soups, many special dishes and chef specials. 


The combination of the market’s flavors with the Asian style guarantee a special meal at one of the coolest locations in Jerusalem. 



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