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Jews and Power After October 7

Beit Avi Chai I Monday I February 19 I 7pm

Ruth R. Wisse Harvard University Professor Emerita

Distinguished Senior Fellow at Tikvah


Join noted scholar Prof. Ruth R. Wisse as she speaks on the impact of October 7 on Israeli and American Jewry – and on new questions about the paradoxes in the international perception of Jews in politics and power.


Moderated by Israeli journalist Moav Vardi


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An Introduction to Hasidism 


Rabbi Dr. Nehemia Polen 


The core dispositions of early Hasidism include joy, generosity, equanimity, respect, non-judgmentalism, and love for God, Torah, and people. Led by spiritual masters, beginning with the Baal Shem Tov (d. 1760), the Hasidim foregrounded fervent prayer, storytelling, open-hearted Torah, and sacred melody (niggun) as vehicles for inner growth and transformation. The teachings of Hasidism show us how to embrace our unique personalities, how to be genuinely present, how to build community, how to fuse body and spirit, how to trust God and our own inner selves.


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The Baal Shem Tov


Sunday | February 4 | 7pm (12pm EST)| zoom



Niggun and Storytelling


Sunday | February 11 | 7pm (12pm EST) | zoom



Women in Hasidism


Sunday | February 18 | 7pm (12pm EST) | zoom



Hasidism in the Modern Period


Sunday | February 25 | 7pm (12pm EST) | zoom


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