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Beit Avi Chai venue

Beit Avi Chai

Hebrew Jazz: Journey to Antarctica at 31.03.2014, 21:00

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Monday mar 31st

Hebrew Jazz: Leading Jazz Ensembles Connecting with Israeli Music

A fresh interpretation of the greatest Israeli songs. In every performance original arrangements of familiar and loved Hebrew songs will be performed, together with music written by the musicians


Journey to Antarctica: Coreen Elal Improvises her Songs


Monday, Mar 31, 9:00


The freedom and rhythm of Coreen Elal’s music invites refreshing, liberating arrangements with much improvisation. Elal is joined by an ensemble of top class jazz musicians led by the trombonist and arranger Arnon De Botton, who will perform arrangements for songs from the album Antarctica and other familiar songs (A Song for Shira, A Rare Species, A Small Country with a Moustache) and Elal's chansons.


Coreen Elal - vocals

Arnon De Botton - trombone and arrangements

Ori Ventura - guitars

Simon Starr - double bass

Roy Oliel - drums


Price for one performance: NIS 50, students NIS 20. Price for both performances: NIS 80

The event will be broadcast live on the BEIT AVI CHAI website.


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