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Beit Avi Chai venue

Beit Avi Chai

Etgar's Summer Camp: The Work of Etgar Keret at 10.04.2014, 20:00

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Thursday apr 10th

ETGAR’S SUMMER CAMP: An evening dedicated to the work of Etgar Keret

Thursday, Apr 10, 8:00 PM

“Don’t unload the reality on us like that, like a garbage truck. Use your imagination, bro, invent, go with the flow, go with it as far as you can”. This is what three robbers armed with guns and a knife, say to the literary character Etgar Keret in “Suddenly a Knock at the Door”.

However both the fictitious Etgar and the real one prefer stories which are created from reality (which did not actually happen), absurd, daring, funny, surprising, slightly crazy and mainly unique stories.

An eclectic evening with the works of Etgar Keret - stories, discussions, short movies and music - to celebrate 20 years since publishing the book “Missing Kissinger” which became a cult work and entered Hebrew classics.


Author Etgar Keret

Actor Dror Keren

Actor Ilanit Ben Yaacov

Musician Daniella Spektor

And literary characters from Keret’s mad world.

Price: NIS 50, students: NIS 20

The event will be broadcast live on the BEIT AVI CHAI website.
This is a Hebrew-language only event.


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