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Israel package tours


Israel Packages Tours

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The Israel Package tours provide you with an oustanding opportunity to take a 7-10 trip around Israel. From the far north to Eilat at the southern tip, book your trip today for an unforgettable visit that will give you just a taste of this magical country and leave you wanting to come back for more

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Israel Tour Packages

Israel tour packages are a self-contained tour lasting between 7-10 days. It's designed to allow you to be able to see the magic of Israel in a short (but not indecent amount of time). The tour takes you from the verdant north, with its rolling hills, stunning scenery, wine routes and millenia old history all the way to the Eilat at the southern most tip of Israel.  The tour also takes in the area around the Dead Sea, the lowest geographical point on earth.

The Israel package also lets you explore Israel's magnificent and largely unbroken coast; with trips to the crucial port of Haifa, with its magnificent views, unspoilt beaches and its being a center of peaceful coexistence between peoples of all faiths and ethnicities. Down the coast is the bustling cultural and economic hub of Israel; Tel Aviv. With museums, shops, interesting architecture, restaurants, bars, clubs and serveral beaches there is something for everyone - a place to see and certainly be seen. With spas, springs, nature trails and historic sites the whole area is a not-to-be-missed location on the tourist map.

The final destination is Jerusalem, whose Old City in particular is the nucleus of almost 4,000 years of history. It's a fitting end to an amazing trip where you will begin to get a feel for this magnificent but complex country

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