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Find out about the year-long calendar of festivals that can be enjoyed in Jerusalem.  Highlights include; the light festival, ice festival, Israel festival and Musrara Mix Festival for a different take on life in Israel's increasingly buzzing capital

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Festivals in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is packed full, year-round with festivals to intrigue and entice visitors with a wide selection of activities to cater for the eternally curious. There is no one single festival highlight, but rather a collection of events that should be attended if at all possible. High up on the list is the Jerusalem Film Festival, which attracts some of the best talent from around the globe. A 10-day movie fest with special screenings, honorary guests, panels and special events it's an opportunity to see foreign as well as Israeli movies from all sections of the religious, cultural and national divide. 

Another stand-out festival is the Hutzot Hayotser Arts and Crafts Festival, which takes place annually in August, in and around the Artists Colony. A heady mixture of arts and crafts from many countries of the world, displaying indigenous skills as well as local Israeli artists and crafts people. In addition, some of Israel's most successful recording artists play nightly at the packed arena of the Sultan's Pool. Being there is indeed one of THE experiences of a Jerusalem summer. 

Also very popular is the Light Festival, which by following different colored neon lights attached to the old city walls, you can take the lighted path that interests you and get a very different feel of night-time in the mystical, mysterious and wonderful Old City

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