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Jerusalem is a truly thriving hub of exhibitions, which can be found in every single corner of the city. Search for your ideal exhibit today and provide yourself with a golden opportunity to experience the variety of Jerusalem

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Exhibitions in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is spoilt for choice when it comes to exhibits. With museums and places of interest scattered throughout the city, whatever neighborhood you are in you are bound to find something of interest. A new exhibit can be found at the old First Train Station on the Hebron Road. Telling the exciting story of the railway terminus of Jerusalem and by extension the importance of the transport network across Israel, you will be able to get an understanding of how these technological changes and advances positively impacted people's lives. 

The Bloomfield Science Museum is also a good place to find exciting and interactive exhibits that provide fun for all the family. They choose different themes for their exhibit, but make sure that there are all sorts of activities that highlight their particular chosen topic.

The Israel Museum another location that works hard to create impressive, original and interactive exhibits. Many institutions (not just museums) have special exhibits around a particular time of year, such as important festivals for the three main religions represented in Jerusalem


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