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Mantra, a gourmet chef restaurant and wine bar located in the prestegious Feingold courtyard in the heart of Jerusalem, is housed in a pastoral 120 year old structure complete with a romantic outdoor courtyard. Head chef Yaakov Elisha invites you to enjoy a culinary experience of delectable meat, seafood and fish dishes, alongside fresh hand-made pasta. The desserts, also made on site, will leave you wanting to come back for more.


When night falls, the restaurant transforms into a chic bar with a great crowd of patrons who come to socialize and enjoy drinks and bar food until the wee hours. The restaurant offers a rich alcohol menu including all the most popular brands, cocktails, keg beers, and Israeli boutique beers. The well-stocked wine bar includes both Israeli and international varieties as well as boutique wines.





  • Open on Saturday
  • Private Room


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