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Jerusalem's underground music and art scene is either quickly growing or badly fragmenting: after Sira and Uganda made it safe to be an electroclash or deep house DJ in Jerusalem, Bass arrived to make sure that those who spin wax (and those who worship at their Chuck Taylor-clad feet) will always have ample choice of venues.


As its name implies, Bass is devoted to any and all music whose main attraction is the low end, be it electro, funk, hip-hop, house or dancehall, and local subwoofer junkies will appreciate the club's affiliation with such local luminaries as Pacotek, Markey Funk and DJ Dina. Reggae fans, an underserved demographic, flock weekly to Bass for a roots- and dancehall-only evening. So put on some trendy yet comfortable shoes and prepare to get up offa that thing with Jerusalem's hippest.


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