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The building of Azzahra Hotel & Restaurant itself is about one hundred years old and intially was built as a private home. In the late 20s and early 30s the house was turned into a private school. In 1948, Azzahra Hotel opened. It was the first hotel in East Jerusalem. In the following twenty years the hotel would turn into a place where the high society of Jordan would meet. King Abdullah and other members of the royal family of Jordan frequented the hotel. After the war of June 1967, those days came to an end. Azzahra Hotel was closed for a short period of time. In the following decades the guests who stayed were mainly from Europe. Within walking distance to the old city, the Azzahra Hotel was ideal for exploring the tourist attractions of Jerusalem.


Today, Azzahra Hotel offers an ideal place for couple or single travelers who would like a homey place to stay and who would trade the hustle of the bigger hotels for the personable service that Azzahra Hotel offers.

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