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Argentine steak restaurant El Gaucho, housed in an old stone house in Nachalat Shiva between the Yoel Salomon and Rivlin pedestrian malls, serves as a gathering place for and all those who crave slabs of beef.


The restaurant offers multiple varieties and cuts of steak, prepared to order, with knowledgeable waiters more than willing to offer explanations and guidance. Steaks are served with French fries, prepared to your liking, and chimichurri, a parsley-emphasizing condiment. There are several non-steak options, including burgers and chicken, and even a bone or two thrown to the vegetarians. The restaurant features a full bar and a wine cellar in the lower level of the building, which was originally used as a cistern.


But the stars here are the veal asado, the entrecote and the filet, all stored in specialized meat refrigerators for maximum freshness, charcoal grilled to perfection and served on coal-heated metal trays.


Much to the delight of the more carnivorously minded denizens of the Holy City, Argentina's particular brand of culinary bovine worship arrived from the pampas to the stone streets and arches of Jerusalem's third-ever neighborhood outside the Old City. Jerusalem's El Gaucho opened in 1987 as the brand's third branch in Israel, the first to be awarded kosher certification. Beloved for its limited palette, Argentine cuisine is simple but refined, and El Gaucho has fared well in Jerusalem over the years, remaining under the same management and adhering to the same high standard of authenticity.


*Kosher Mehadrin portions are available, please ask at the restaurant.


Opening hours

Sunday to Thursday 12:00 to 23:30; Saturday motzaei Shabbat to midnight


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