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Black Bar 'n' Burger comes packed with a pretty bold claim for a chain in a country not known for burgers: "the best burger in town. Any town." The Jerusalem branch of Israeli chef Tzachi Buchester's ever expanding national chain of burger joints, the kosher Black Bar 'n' Burger occupies prime real estate on Shlomtzion HaMalka Street, done up in primal reds and blacks with one of those cool neon-lit bars along one wall. It stays open late. It's got tasty, boozy Kastel (among others) on tap. Its menu betrays a waggish pop culture sensibility: burgers get names like "Twiggy" (160 grams of beef), "Schwarzenegger" (220 grams), "Yokozuna" (330 grams), "Norma Jean" (ground entrecote), "Brigitte Bardot" (veggie) and "Popeye" (take a guess).


There's a cool Pulp Fiction diner scene appeal to it all, although it ain't quite your standard diner burger. Potential toppings (no cheese, of course) include the standard-for-Israel (fried egg), the standard-for-anywhere (sauteed mushrooms), and the eyebrow-raising (a mix of pineapple, parsley, green onion and hot peppers). And plenty more. Non-burger entrees include everything from hot wings and nachos to steaks and corned beef.


In the end, it's mountains of tasty beef and diner-style comfort food with an international twist, open late with a well-stocked bar, so if you've worked up a good hunger bar-hopping in the Shlomtzion area, Black Bar 'n' Burger is the burger bar for you.


Black Bar is available for private events as well -

Call Sivan Gal (events manager) at 054-436-5478 for more information and reservations.

  • Kids friendly
  • Child Menu
  • Private Room
  • Kosher

Opening hours

Sunday to Thursday, 12:00 until the last customer | Friday 12:00 - until an hour before Shabbat 



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