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Jerusalemites like to deride Tel Avivites almost as much as Tel Avivites like to deride Jerusalemites, but it's hard to argue that the swampy coastal metropolis down the road frequently brightens the local dining scene when it imports restaurant concepts. The latest gift Tel Aviv has bestowed upon us hill-folk is Agvania, a popular pizza chain that instantly earns a lofty place here in Jerusalem by not, you know, sucking.


Thin-crust, hand-tossed "European"-style pizza is the order of the day at Agvania - while the slices maintain structural integrity well enough, they are cracker-thin, with a nice crunch. The sauce is noticeably fresh, and the cheese high-quality. Being kosher, toppings are limited to vegetables, herbs and cheeses, but the list is extensive enough that you won't miss the pepperoni (which is hard to find in Jerusalem anyway). And happily, the slices are huge - an entire quarter of the pie.

***A second Jerusalem branch of Agvania is now located at the Beit Hanatziv complex on Derech Hevron***


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