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Terra Restaurant

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A newer entry into Jerusalem's rapidly-growing gourmet dining/specialty chef restaurant scene, a culinary revolution that has robbed snooty Tel Avivians of their long-standing right to scoff at Jerusalem's provincialism, Terra specializes in the kind of Middle East-inflected French/Italian fusion cuisine that Jerusalem's trendy young professionals and in-the-know tourists just can't get enough of.

Chef Udi Meiri, a disciple of French cuisine who learned his craft in Paris and cut his teeth in Jerusalem at established gourmet restaurants Oceanos and Chakra, has built his own temple to Mediterranean fusion in a venerable stone-floored-and-walled Arab house on Ben Shetach Street.

The menu varies daily, but standbys include various novel combinations of meat and strong drink, including steaks marinated in both whiskey and espresso, and of course fruits de mer, ranging from grilled calamari to Provencal shrimp in a fish-and-dried-tomato stock.

Business lunch, including lots of pasta options, runs from 12:00 to 17:00, and at 40-69 NIS, is about the best deal for a gourmet lunch you can find in town.

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Every day, 12:00 to last Customer

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