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Gabriela Restaurant

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The sister restaurant of kosher haute cuisine institution Gabriel is just about its big brother's opposite: where Gabriel focuses on meaty Parisian bistro fare, Gabriela casts its gaze across the Mediterranean toward Italy, serving up light, fresh Italian dairy dishes and fish - prepared with the same attention to detail and fresh ingredients that made Gabriel a hit.


Like Gabriel, Gabriela is situated on the Ben Shetach pedestrian mall, a corner of downtown Jerusalem that has become ground zero for restaurants specializing in the evolving new Jerusalem cuisine. The contrast extends from cuisine to decor - where Gabriel is black leather and bistro classicalism, Gabriela is white leather and cafe modernism. A lovely and lengthy patio offers plenty of space for al fresco diners to watch downtown Jerusalem go by.


The menu is classic Jerusalem kosher Italian with the requisite Mediterranean twist and a welcome gourmet sensibility. A full breakfast lineup encompasses delights like poached quail egg bruschetta with cheese and smoked salmon and Middle Eastern favorites like Iraqi spinach pancakes and three tasty twists on shakshuka, the beloved tomato and poached egg stew of the Israeli breakfast table. The rest is the familiar lineup of salads, sandwiches, freshly-made pastas in a rainbow of sauces, oven-fired pizzas (and the rarely-seen-in-Jerusalem calzone) and a few unique specials. An impressive selection of fish dishes rounds out the proceedings. And naturally, diners can choose from a full cafe lineup of specialty coffee drinks, as well as selections from the impressive wine list that distinguishes Gabriela and Gabriel.

Opening hours

Sunday to Thursday, 8:00 to 24:00; Friday 8:00 until half hour before Shabbat; Saturday from half hour after Shabbat until 24:00


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