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Anyone who's spent an appreciable amount of time in Jerusalem can tell you that when it comes to restaurants, Jerusalemites, much like Americans, love a family-friendly Italian joint. The city may not have many Italian immigrants, but it does have a Little Italy.


One of the stalwart veterans of the Jerusalem Italian scene and for many years, a dairy restaurant, Little Italy recently underwent a change of ownership and reopened as a meat restaurant under the management of Yossi Baruch of the Adom Group, the group behind Jerusalem restaurants Adom, Lavan and Colony. The restaurant now boasts a full meat menu designed by head chef Daniel Oman (previously head chef at Adom), with a new kitchen that churns out Italian-Mediterranean style meat fare including foccacias, pastas, and quality beaf, using only the finest, freshest ingredients, in addition to a rich menu of fine wines from both Israel and abroad.


The new menu allows diners to customize their orders: customers can choose between a large or small portion and even mix and match a number of small items from the menu; they can opt for a light snack at the bar or a full sit down meal.


On Fridays, an Italian food market will take place at the restaurant offering home-style take out and special Italian delicacies.


  • Kids friendly
  • Kosher
  • Smoking Area

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Little Italy can accommodate private events such as Bar Mitzvah receptions after Kotel ceremonies, as part of nearby tours, family celebrations, corporate events, and more, for both lunch and dinner, for up to 100 guests. The restaurant has Kosher / Rabbinate certification.


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