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Even misspelled, it's remarkably cheeky, and typically Israeli, to name an Indian restaurant after the world's most famous Indian (somehow, we don't think they mean Indira), especially if much of said Indian's fame stemmed from not eating - although considering the Mumbai restaurant that briefly bore the name "Hitler," Indians may still be beating Israelis in the mutual cultural insensitivity game. But that aside, Israeli youth have a genuine love for Indian culture, the result of innumerable post-army stints of indeterminate length wandering up and down the subcontinent, grooving on curries and bhang lassi from Rajasthan to Tamil Nadu. Naturally then the more enterprising among them would open restaurants specializing in Indian cuisine.


Gandi, the first Indian eatery in Rechavia, is a small and homey place, serving small and homey meals informed by the cuisine of Southern India, with more than a little Israeli sensibility. Kashrut necessities render the fare lacto-vegetarian (Judaism frowns on meat swimming in clarified butter), although that is essentially in keeping with the diet of Hindu South Indians anyway.

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