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Eldad V'Zehoo Restaurant

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Yet another elegant, distinguished dining establishment in an area filled to the brim with them, the venerable Finegold Courtyard, Eldad v'Zehoo (Eldad and That's All) serves traditional French cuisine with an unmistakable Jerusalem flair – and it's kosher, too, having made the switch in late 2007. Not content merely with its classic timeworn Jerusalem stone setting, Eldad v'Zehoo augments its décor with all manner of antiques from a bygone era in Jerusalem, including radios, phonographs, typewriters, lamps and more, which in other restaurants might stumble onto the far side of the kitsch line, but seems perfectly appropriate here.


Start off with a generous selection of first courses including grilled foie gras in a Calvados-based sauce and veal capriccio with lemon and balsamic dressing, then move on the main courses, featuring beef, veal and lamb, much chicken, fresh fish and plenty of Mediterranean French-style seafood. Also veal tonsils. Hey, why not?

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