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Sabich l'lo Tasbich Restaurant

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When talking street food, the common points of comparison usually revolve around speed and how your stomach feels later in the day. A noteworthy experience may involve the use of just three napkins. But for a truly artistic and delectable quick bite, head to the end of Shlomtzion Hamalka's strip of high-end eateries and nightclubs. There you'll find Sabich l'lo Tasbich (sabich without a complex).

The sabich is a commonplace sandwich, consisting basically of fried eggplant, hardboiled egg, potato, hummus, tehina, amba (pickled mango sauce) and the usual salad fixings. But at Sabich l'lo Tasbich, the humble Iraqi sandwich is prepared with precision – and in a clean environment. Each ingredient is placed carefully inside the Yemenite-style pita – which is not your average bakery bread pocket – and seasoned layer upon layer with salt, cumin and other spices.

You'll rub shoulders with all kinds at the little storefront, which is right next to a heavily trafficked bus stop: workers grabbing a bite, tourists trying new things, local business folk who know their sabichs and commuters waiting for their buses.

Aside from the master-crafted sabichs, the joint also offers felafel, shakshuka (a tomato sauce and egg concoction) and 'ija (a vegetable omelet with potatoes, onions and herbs). There are a few stools and a little bar, in case you don't feel like having your street food on the street.

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