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Tucked away into one of the tiny aisles that cut between the two main drags of the Machane Yehuda marketplace is a high-quality cafe with a (rhyming) mouthful of a name: Mizrachi Hakol La'ofeh v'gam Cafe (Mizrachi – Everything for the Baker and Coffee too).

It's a neat conceit – not only is Mizrachi a cozy cafe, it sells the various accouterments and toys every home baker needs, or at least wants.

On the cafe side of things, the small tables (including a seating section under an awning with plastic windows) are almost always full with Israelis engaged in intense discussion over coffee, and the menu offers plenty of the dairy salads, sandwiches, soups and baked goods one expects from an Israeli cafe.

And in a move designed to make Mizrachi even cooler than it already is, every week in the summer it hosts a live music show, cramming a band (and dozens of people) into the aisle outside the restaurant, livening up the otherwise eerily empty and dark stone aisles of the shuk by night.

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