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Egged Line 99: it's a Jerusalem tourist classic. For those outside of the Lonely Planet-and-hiking boots demographic, Route 99 is the way to catch all of Jerusalem's must-see sights in one fell swoop. And what a swoop: forget ground level, you'll see Jerusalem from the top deck of a crimson double decker touring bus. And don't worry about language - you have your choice of headphone audio narration in eight languages: English, Russian, German, Hebrew, Arabic, French, Spanish, and Italian.


Your Egged 99 ticket doesn't confine you to the bus, either: each ticket allows you to re-board the bus as many times as you want in a day, meaning you can hop off the bus to get a closer look at particularly interesting stops, then catch the bus on its next go-round and continue your tour.


The loop begins and ends at the Central Bus Station.

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