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Events in Jerusalem

Ben Yehuda Street

The music festival at Kikar Hamusica at 24.06.2021

Until 24.06.2021


The music festival


at Kikar Hamusica





Free shows at the heart of Kikar Hamusica


Quarter to Africa * Omri Moore and friends * The Kikar Hamusica Band * Etnika    * Soul singer Roy Young with the Super Bad Gang


Kikar Hamusica in Jerusalem opens the summer with a music festival that will host intriguing and fun musical ensembles including Quarter to Africa, Omri Moore with Elad Levy and friends, The Kikar Hamusica Band, Ethnics and soul singer Roy Young with the Super Bad Gang band. The shows will take place every evening between June 20-24 starting at 9pm


The shows will take place on the main stage of Kikar Hamusica. No entrance fee required!


The number of seats is limited, it is recommended to make a reservation at one of the Kikar Hamusica's restaurants: 'Nachman', 'Andalusia', Kinor Bakikar', 'Blue Hall' or 'Piccolino' (kosher).


Attached the schedule of all the performances:


Sunday 20.6.21 at 21:00 Omri Mor, Elad Levy and friends


Omri Moore is a rising star combining classical folk music from North Africa alongside original works he has written


Elad Levy, Andalusian violinist, is a talented teacher and composer



Monday 21.6.21 - 21:00 – The Kikar Hamusica Band


"Fête de la Musique Special chansons françaises" A celebration of fine French music for lovers of the genre and more…



Tuesday 22.6.21 - 21:00 - 'Ethnica'


Yehuda Ashash, Elad Gabay and the Jerusalem ensemble combine Rock rhythms with world music and lyrics from the world of piyut creating pure musical pleasure.


Wednesday 23.6.21 - 21:00 - 'A Quarter to Africa'


An uplifting Israeli and international ensemble that does not leave the heart and ears indifferent, moves your hips and addresses the young, the young at heart and children alike.


Thursday 24.6.21 - 21:00 - Soul singer Roy Young with the Super Bad Gang band


Roy Young & Super Bad Gang R&B & Soul. Roy Young is a real Jamaican 'soul' singer along with a band of musicians who bounce the atmosphere with hits of all time - soul music, rhythm, blues and more.


from Nahalat Shiva - 10 Yoel Moshe Salomon St., Jerusalem Access to Kikar Hamusika



Photo: Shirley Rozanes


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