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Events in Jerusalem

Snow Will Fall Tonight

at 01.01.2010

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Friday jan 1st

Hama'abada and The Visual Theatre present a unique collaboration: "Snow Will Fall Tonight": Three debut shows.


1. "Pollyamoria" by Ma'ayan Moses: a love story for more than two participants: movement theatre. Participants: Mayan Moses, Techelet Visnov, Yoel Ron


2. "Pets" by Anat Arbel--tragi-comic dance theatre: Three characters imprisoned in a nuclear family tell their story without words. Participants: Anat Arbel, Yoel Ron, Vera Bo

3. "To Raise You Wild"--by Shai Persil: visual movement theatre with music which expresses everything we want to express but can't tell one another. Participants: Shai Persil, Anat Arbel, Ana Viselberg, Yael Zukerman.

Open Hours

Friday, January 1, 2010: 13:00 / Sunday, January 3, 2010: 21:00


Hebron St. 28


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